Enterprise Firewall (FO-FEW)

  • Course Overview

    In this 3-day class students will learn how to implement, troubleshoot, and centrally manage an enterprise security infrastructure composed of multiple FortiGate Devices

    After completing this course, you will be able to:

    • Integrate FortiManager, FortiAnalyzer, and multiple FortiGate devices using Fortinet's security fabric
    • Centralize the management and monitoring of network security events 
    • Optimize FortiGate resources 
    • Diagnose and monitor user traffic using FortiGate debug tools 
    • Troubleshoot issues which conserve mode, high CPU, firewall policies, session helpers, IPsec, FortiGuard, content inspection, routing and HA 
    • Harden the enterprise services 
    • Simultaneously deploy IPsec tunnels to multiple sites using the FortiManager VPN console 
    • Configure ADVPN to enable on-demand VPN tunnels between sites 
    • Configure OSPN and BGP to route the enterprise traffic 
  • Course Outlines

    • Enterprise Firewall 
    • FortiOS Architecture 
    • System Troubleshooting 
    • Traffic and Session Monitoring 
    • Routing 
    • FortiGuard 
    • Central Management 
    • OSPF 
    • Web Filtering 
    • IPS
    • BGP 
    • IPsec 
    • ADVPN
  • Prerequisite

    • Knowledge of network protocols
    • Knowledge of network security concepts
    • FortiGate I & FortiGate II (Infrastructure and Security)

  • Course Schedule

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